Friday, May 21, 2010

Nostalgia Theater: The Empire Strikes Back Edition

It was thirty years ago today that the first continuation of George Lucas's moneymaking...(wait for it)...empire (titter-snort) hit theaters.  That's right, The Empire Strikes Back is now old enough to settle down and finally get some focus in its life.  Now, I could launch into a whole shpiel about how Empire is the best of the whole dang Star Wars series (it is), or how it wasn't nearly as beloved back then as it is now (it wasn't), but that's all stuff we've heard before, and it's not really the point of Nostalgia Theater, anyway.

I wasn't even eight months old at the time it was released, but I feel like the original films have been part of our cultural lifeblood for so long that we all share a kind of collective nostalgia for them, whether real or retroactive.  Certainly for me, some of the clearest memories of my childhood are of playing with my brother's Empire Strike Back "Micro Collection" die-cast figures  (and of him getting pissed at me after I lost the teeny-tiny pieces).  Here then, in celebration of Empire entering its third decade, is a fond look back at what Star Wars has always really been about (and yeah, I know there's a Return of the Jedi spot in here too -- just roll with it):

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