Tuesday, May 04, 2010

More With Coco

Feedback on Conan's 60 Minutes sitdown has continued to trickle in from various media outlets, and not all of it has been good.  Personally, I think that, considering the circumstances being discussed, he was a consummate gentleman, and was as clear as could be without coming across as needy or whiny.  Defamer felt otherwise, however, and here's their take.
Also, Newsy.com has posted a vid with more reactions -- including those of the ever-perky morning team on Fox & Friends (thanks to Danielle for passing that one along).  Based on 60's ratings on Sunday, you can bet that a lot of eyeballs will tune into his TBS debut come November, with about half hoping he tears into NBC, and the other half hoping he just lets it go.  Lastly, by way of Funny or Die, here's Conan's inner-monologue while kibitzing with Steve Kroft:

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