Saturday, May 01, 2010


In a pretty positive sign of things to come, here (courtesy of Yahoo! Movies) is our first official look at Chris Hemsworth, like he's stepped right off the comic page, as the titular titan in director Kenneth Branagh's Thor.
For some comparison, here's the original version of the character as envisioned by co-creator Jack Kirby via the '60s Marvel books...
And here's the 2007 redesign by artist Olivier Coipel, to which the film version is clearly indebted (and for which Hemsworth is no doubt grateful):
Glad to see Branagh embracing the concept's theatrical trappings (something he's uniquely suited to), but I'm also very curious to see how he makes the comic book Thor's realm of magic hammers, gods, trolls, and giants "fit" into the heightened-reality universe of the Iron Man and Hulk flicks.

I'm sure there'll be plenty more Thor news to parse in the weeks and months ahead, especially once Iron Man 2 is in everyone's rear-view.  But insofar as opening salvos go, this isn't a bad start.

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