Friday, April 09, 2010

Recommended Reading

Remember all those breathless op-eds and write-ups in the wake of President Obama's election about the political struggles that had riven the GOP, with the right and the far right battling it out for primacy?  Well, as the Southern Republican Leadership Conference currently playing out in New Orleans appears to demonstrate, those struggles are seemingly in the party's rearview mirror, with its various politicos having collectively coalesced around the Sarah Palin/Michelle Bachmann brand of batshittery.

Of course, as the hellacious battle over health reform proved -- with Team Obama trying just as hard, if not harder, to win over votes from their own caucus as from the opposition -- there's a battle being waged by the Democrats over the direction of their own compass, with so-called "moderates" like Nelson and Lincoln on one hand, and Ted Kennedy-style pragmatic progressives on the other.  Examining the Dems' ideological divide, Ryan Grim and Arthur Delaney have gone deep into the trenches with an exhaustive piece for The Huffington Post that's well worth a read in its entirety.

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