Friday, April 02, 2010

Pity the Fools Day

Fox celebrated the first of April yesterday by releasing the second trailer for director Joe Carnahan's big screen blockbuster based on the Stephen J. Cannell series The A-Team.  Lately I'm so jazzed for this flick that I've taken to whistling the first few bars of Mike Post's signature theme from the TV series, which usually prompts my three-year old, who's never seen so much as a frame of footage from the show, to yell out, "A-Team!" (this then prompts me to wonder yet again whether that makes me a terrible parent).  Adding to the hype, Universal is releasing a sweet box set of the show that has me very tempted to disregard my previous vow not to revisit the show for fear that uncomfortable reality might ram headfirst into my fond memories.  Regardless, between this, The Losers later this month, and The Expendables in August, '10 sure seems like the breakout year for bad ass special ops teams.

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Mr. Boy said...

I am so flippin' excited for this movie. Not in a long time (with the exception of maybe Iron Man and the Nolan Batmans) can I see a trailer and think "they got it totally right."

"I'm 'unna kill you, foo!"