Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mouth Breathers II: The Revenge

Last week was Tax Day, and despite tax rates being the lowest in six decades, there was still a phalanx of anti-antis who showed up on the Mall in DC to protest the prez and let him know how unhappy they were with those higher taxes they aren't paying. This led Obama to wonder incredulously why they weren't saying "thank you," but this video compiled by New Left Media gives some perspective on who exactly was out there hoisting those signs, and let's just say "facts" and "reasoning" weren't exactly in high supply or demand.

At eleven minutes long, that's a whole lot of crazy to trudge through, and it can be rough going at times, but it's as instructive as it is wince-inducing. Now, by way of disclaimer, these clips are obviously being culled from context, and it's not like "New Left" is unbiased in this whole thing, but the broader point remains clear. It's okay to be upset, but it's probably helpful when you know what exactly you're upset about.

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