Sunday, April 04, 2010

Attacking the Clones

Last year, independent filmmaker Mike Stoklasa shot to prominence across the web thanks to his epic review/takedown of Star Wars: Episode I (delivered pseudonymously under his "Mr. Plinkett" persona) that was as critically spot-on as it was side-splittingly funny. At more than an hour in length (broken up into ten-minute chunks), it made for quite a time commitment, but once you started, it was pretty hard to get up without watching the whole thing. Check it out here and see if I'm wrong.

Pretty much as soon as his Phantom Menace massacre hit the web, the countdown clock began for Stoklasa to do likewise with the subsequent Star Wars prequel, and now the long wait is over. His Attack of the Clones video review clocks in at a mammoth ninetysome minutes, but for Star Wars fan and foe alike it's well worth the investment. If this is your first exposure to his "Plinkett" reviews, try to bear with the creepy, sociopath stuff and remember that it's just a character.

I've embedded the first part below, and I'll trust you to follow the thread from there.

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