Friday, March 19, 2010

Recommended Reading

The health care vote is supposedly scheduled for this Sunday, meaning at least one part of this sad, sordid story can be put in our rearview mirror. Of course, that doesn't mean that the opposition is going to stop doing what they've done since this administration began, which is to fight back in as dirty a way as possible.

Case in point, Tim Dickerson from Rolling Stone has a look at the GOP's plan to win back congress.  It's the usual eye-gouging and crotch-kicking we've come to expect from that crowd, but what I find even more instructive is the stuff about how the Dems essentially sabotaged themselves, starting with the man on top:
"Obama wasn't hammering Democrats to behave with individual interventions," says an insider close to the negotiations. "He also wasn't working very hard to create fissures and fractures in the Republican Party at the level that should be possible." Rather than twisting arms like LBJ, the president and his supposed all-star team of advisers, anchored by Rahm Emanuel, came across like a bunch of rookies. "It's bizarre that Obama could be so politically weak that Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman could kick the White House around," says [Steve] Clemons, "rather than the White House kicking them around."
Couldn't agree more.

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