Sunday, March 07, 2010

Recommended Reading

The health care reform battle is (hopefully) heading towards some positive resolution within the next few weeks, and while it may end up being a political win for the president (jury's still out on that), it'll be a Pyrrhic one at best for the rest of us.

It took too long to get here, and what we end up with will be a neutered version of what it could have been.  Frank Rich contextualizes this within Obama's presidency, and also makes an important point about the brickbats being hurled from the right:
Those who are unsympathetic or outright hostile to Obama frame his failures as an attempt to impose “socialism” on a conservative nation. The truth is that the Fox News right would believe this about any Democratic president no matter who he was and what his policies were. Obama, who has expanded the war in Afghanistan and proved reluctant to reverse extra-constitutional Bush-Cheney jurisprudence, is a radical mainly to those who believe a conservative Republican senator like Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas is a closet commie.
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