Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Mile Lie Club - Addendum

Almost three months ago I made note of a meme working its way through Rightie Blogworld powered by its own sense of indignation (with a whiff of xenophobia for that extra push) of Tedd Petruna and his harrowing (read: made-up) account of averting a terrorist "dry run" on an AirTran flight.

Though his tale read like bad Chuck Norris fanfic to anyone with two working brain cells to rub together, it still managed to get the usual suspects (i.e. the Malkins, the Schlussels) all hot-and-bothered over Petruna's intrepidity and the so-called silence from the so-called liberal media.

Well, circumstances, testimonials, and, y'know, facts proved that Tedd was, to use a technical term, full of it, but if there were any doubts remaining, the FAA has now released its official report to put a pin in poor Mr. Petruna and his pants-on-fire self-importance.

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