Saturday, February 06, 2010

Like a Fox

As a general rule I shy away from the nighttime programming at Fox News, as I've found I react adversely to too much cognitive dissonance in my diet. However, I made an exception this week to check out Jon Stewart's ballyhooed sitdown with Bill O'Reilly, which aired in edited form over Wednesday and Thursday on The O'Reilly Factor.

Stewart may be a clown by profession (as he often protests-too-much), but nonetheless he consistently impresses me in his non-Daily Show appearances with his thoughtful, nuanced approach to social and political issues. This interview, in the middle of the "lion's den" so to speak, was no less so for his unvarnished observations about Fox's news apparatus, and its use in many ways as a political mouthpiece.

While the interview as aired was interesting and illuminating, it was also a little bit jarring, with the edit points a little too obvious. Rather than imply anything sinister, let's assume that time considerations were the reason behind the edits, but even so, I was left wondering what had been cut out, and what context was resultantly lost. Thankfully, Fox News has posted the entire interview, all forty-five minutes of it, on their website for public consumption, and it's well worth a view.

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