Friday, January 22, 2010


When Conan O'Brien embarked on that cross-country sprint last May to usher in his hosting duties at The Tonight Show, there was no reason to think this wasn't the beginning of yet another lengthy and historic era for the show that had kept Johnny Carson gainfully employed for three decades, and Jay Leno nearly two. Yet here we are seven months removed, with Conan bidding "good night" after tonight's Tonight. $33 mil richer, granted, but also owning the unfortunate record for the shortest stint (by a very wide margin) in the venerable franchise's fifty-six years.

Of course, we all know he'll land on his feet somewhere else with something else (and the skyrocketing ratings the last few nights all but assure this), but it's still sad to see the curtain come down so prematurely on what began with such promise. While NBC's Tonight Show mulligan with Jay Leno begins in early March, that still leaves us with one more installment of Tonight a la Conan for what will surely be one heck of a final curtain. Once more, here's the ever-helpful Mark Evanier, whose late night analysis has been peerless throughout this imbroglio, with some more thoughts now that the various contracts have all been signed.

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J.R. LeMar said...

This is an unbelievable b**ch-move by NBC and Jackass Leno. It doesn't make any sense.