Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Spider's Webb

Following up on my earlier post about Sam Raimi and Sony's mutual parting of ways, and with it the end-as-we-knew-it of the studio's crown jewel Spider-Man franchise, came word last week that director Marc Webb had been signed by the studio to take over.  The planned franchise reboot will apparently take its inspiration more from Marvel's early-aughts comic series Ultimate Spider-Man than the Stan Lee/Steve Ditko books from the '60s that Raimi preferred (to the detriment of the third flick, it turned out).

Webb's sole big screen credit as director up to now is for last year's (500) Days of Summer, which I've yet to see though I hear some good things, meaning he was signed for three reasons: 1) He brings some indy cred to the highly mainstream Spider-series. 2) He comes cheap. 3) His last name allows the pun-tastic headlines to practically write themselves (see above). Now that a new director is onboard, casting news should soon be forthcoming, and we'll start getting a clearer sense of what's planned for Spidey, Mark II.

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