Sunday, January 24, 2010

Recommended Reading

Frank Rich picks apart the aftermath of last Tuesday's Massachusetts senate race, and while emphasizing that the election was not, in fact, a referendum on the president, he nonetheless hits the mark when saying:
Obama’s plight has been unchanged for months. Neither in action nor in message is he in front of the anger roiling a country where high unemployment remains unchecked and spiraling foreclosures are demolishing the bedrock American dream of home ownership. The president is no longer seen as a savior but as a captive of the interests who ginned up the mess and still profit, hugely, from it.
That’s no place for any politician of any party or ideology to be. There’s a reason why the otherwise antithetical Leno and Conan camps are united in their derision of NBC’s titans. A TV network has become a handy proxy for every mismanaged, greedy, disloyal and unaccountable corporation in our dysfunctional economy. It’s a business culture where the rich and well-connected get richer while the employees, shareholders and customers get the shaft. And the conviction that the game is fixed is nonpartisan. If the tea party right and populist left agree on anything, it’s that big bailed-out banks have and will get away with murder while we pay the bill on credit cards — with ever-rising fees.
Of course, this is a muck of Obama's own making, and it's one he's going to have to figure out fast if he has any hope of getting anything thing on his less-ambitious-everyday agenda accomplished.

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