Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Demographic Distress

Monday's Tonight Show rerun, from way early in Conan's run, showcased a comedy bit (here and here) with the host incognito at a focus group to get impressions from senior citizens of his younger-skewing comic style and if it would play at the earlier hour.

While the skit was amusing enough the first time, it takes on added resonance given, obviously, how the story ended, but especially when taken together with this piece from late night maven Bill Carter (already at work, no doubt, on Late Shift II: The Revenge).

In analyzing the now-unemployed talker's ratings by demo, Carter finds that O'Brien's youth appeal, famously touted by NBC as the reason for making the switch in the first place, may well be what ultimately did him in at the higher-pressure 11:35 slot.

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