Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Adjust Your Bookmarks!

That's right folks, after five years and change with "Zaki's Corner" nestled comfortably in the cozy womb of the "blogspot" domain, I've decided to plunk down the small fortune necessary to strike out on my own.* If you'll observe the web address at the top of the screen, you'll note that this site is now located at some shiny new digs: Don't worry, nothing much should change content-wise (apologies in advance for that) other than what you need to type to get here.** So, tweak your "favorites" menu accordingly, and spread the word!

* Ten bucks a year. Hey, times are tough!

** Although, given recent events, I should probably check to make sure I still own all my intellectual property.

1 comment:

The Mad Swede said...

My RSS feed adjusted automatically. And congrats to a new home for your blog, Zaki!