Monday, December 07, 2009

The Mile Lie Club

A new meme began to make the rounds in Rightie Blogworld over the weekend, propelled mostly by the delightful Debbie Schlussel (described elsewhere as -- ouch! -- "The Poor Man's Ann Coulter"). Reading like some kind of neocon wet dream given electronic form, it's the "heroic" account via e-mail of one Ted Petruna by one Ted Petruna.

In the e-mail, the NASA employee breathlessly recounts how he bravely led the charge in tossing certain undesirable (read: Muslim) elements from an airplane he happened to be on. Here, said Ms. Schlussel with barely-concealed glee, was all the proof we needed to expose the Big Bad Muslim Booga-Booga hiding under our collective bed. Of course, all it took from me was a basic understanding of human behavior to read Petruna's story and say, "Yeah, that didn't happen."

And wouldn't you know, it didn't.

Seems Petruna concocted the whole thing to forward around and impress his circle of what must surely be fellow intellectuals. Even better, once it got out and the essential elements of the story were not only questioned but actually disproved, he still stands by the lie! Given the racist scaremongering involved in this story, I have to admit to some barely-concealed glee of my own at seeing this ignorant idiot hoisted with his own petard.

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