Sunday, November 22, 2009

Moyers Moves On

Since its premiere on PBS in early '07, Bill Moyers Journal, the weekly discussion program on current affairs, has been an oasis of journalistic nuance in a desert of a opinionated demagoguery. Thus, Moyers' announcement this week that he'll be retiring the show this April comes as a real blow. From his in-depth look at the run-up to the Iraq invasion (which I first mentioned back here) to his analysis of last summer's health care town halls, Moyers' perspective was unabashedly progressive, but his ability to treat complex issues with complexity set him apart (and continues to set him apart) from his fellow journos. While I'm sure Moyers will continue to pop up from time to time with special projects either on PBS or elsewhere, there's no question that the weekly Journal's absence will leave a large void to be filled.

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