Sunday, October 18, 2009

On the Mark

Here's noted comic book and television writer Mark Evanier with his reflection on the partisan situation in Washington that's been so crippling to the health care fight as well as other Obama action items.

One of the many things that makes me optimistic about Obama succeeding with his agenda is that so much of the opposition is controlled either by looneys or by sane Republicans who are terrified of pissing off the looneys. Lately, there's been the perverse amusement of watching the teabagger crowd turn on Lindsey Graham, the senior senator from South Carolina. Graham toes the Conservative line about 96% of the time but since that 4% involves partnering with John Kerry to do something about Climate Change, Graham is a traitor, a quisling, a RINO, a sell-out, a socialist, a fascist, an enemy of the people, etc. At a recent rally, he mentioned something about negotiating on some piece of legislation (health care, I think) and a woman jumped up and yelled, "God does not negotiate!"

Well no, He doesn't. That's because He's God and there's no one to negotiate with. He's also not a member of a minority party that doesn't have the votes to advance its own agenda very far. He can get His way without having to drum up swing votes.

Fruit bats like that lady do not typify the Republican party...but she may typify the kind of voter the G.O.P. doesn't dare alienate. I don't think there's much chance that Republicans will nominate Sarah Palin in 2012...but they're probably going to have to genuflect to her (or someone else who emerges to fill the same role) in much the same way that Democrats once had to kiss the feet of Jesse Jackson. No one wanted Jesse on the ticket but no one wanted to alienate his supporters.

My friends who voted for Obama are driven up the wall by the teabagger crowd that thinks Medicare is not a government program and by the birther crowd that thinks Obama is still being born in Kenya...and I'll admit those mobs are exasperating in their way. But think how annoying it would be to have Obama attacked by people with genuine issues. Or to have the Republican leadership not genuflecting to the nutcase right. There's a very sane, non-nutcase Conservative movement out there and if it ever got control of the Republican party, it might get something done.

Which doesn't mean the Democrats should get cocky. Right now, they're like the Yankees: Winning the occasional game because of the opposition's errors.

I've posted his entry in its entirety, but don't let that stop you from jumping over to Mark's blog and taking a look around.

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Dragon said...

While I appreciate the point of the article, I have to disagree. If Republicans were making real, focused, and sane commentary, there might be some real dialog, real compromise, and real progress in Washington. Democrats would have to justify the intricacies of their theory and implementation rather than spending their time trying to dispel total falsehoods. And if they failed to adequately do so, Republicans might have some reasonable alternative that, while not liberal, might still have some positive effect for at least some part of our country.

As it stands, we have talking heads from either side shouting into a void from which any compromise that emerges will be weak in theory and toothless in implementation. I'd rather see a sane, middle-ground Republican Party succeed with poignant criticism of the president than the travesty of nut-jobs that invade our political system from the right currently.