Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Village People

The Prisoner, the classic sci-fi series about a man stripped of his identity and trapped in a place called "The Village," is one of my all-time favorite series, and like most dormant properties with any kind of cultural clout, has had a remake promised/threatened for several decades now. I always thought this was a risky move, as the show's brilliantly psychedelic visual excess rooted it squarely in a '60s aesthetic that any new version would find difficult to retain, no matter how large the budget at play.

Well, the return of The Prisoner is now upon us, with AMC's miniseries project. Jim Caviezel, he of The Passion fame, steps into the late Patrick McGoohan's loafers as Number Six, the titular captive, and Sir Ian McKellen lends a singular identity to the insidious Number Two, played by seventeen-plus actors in the series' seventeen episode run. AMC suddenly has a lot of cred in the original programming department, resting largely on the shoulders of the terrific Mad Men, so I'm hopeful this measures up. Here's an extended promo for the show that made its premiere at the San Diego 'con this weekend:


The Mad Swede said...

Actually looks promising. Although I think it's a pity that it seems like they won't use the original concept of exchangeable #2s. That bit is part of what makes the numbering scary and which makes the search for #1 so much more elusive.

But nevertheless, it does, as stated look like a show that I'll be wanting to see.

Zaki said...

I agree that it would have been cool to have multiple Number 2s, but I get why they didn't go that way. Think of him as the Leo McKern version, I guess.