Saturday, July 04, 2009


Republican strategist Todd Harris has probably the best quote to emerge after yesterday's out-of-the-blue announcement by Sarah Palin that she was taking the long walk:
“I think Sarah Palin is on the verge of becoming the Miami Vice of American politics: Something a lot of people once thought was cool and then 20 years later look back, shake their heads and just kind of laugh.”
Not sure what Palin has planned next, but contrary to general opinion, I'm not sure a presidential run is on the radar, though I am sure the Palin story is far from over.

And on the subject of Palin stories, here's Todd Purdum's lengthy Vanity Fair piece dissecting the future ex-governor's brief life as a veep candidate, reminding us yet again that there's a whole lot of crazy going on there.

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Donald said...

Wait... Miami Vice still holds up as a great show. Point taken, but a bad analogy all things considered.