Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh Captain, My Captain

About two years and three months ago I posted a brief entry on the then-unfolding "Death of..." storyline in Marvel Comics' Captain America book, depicting the assassination of Steve "Cap" Rogers through the machinations of his longtime foe the Red Skull. As envisaged by writer Ed Brubaker (in one of the best ever runs in the character's lengthy history) the comic book storyline has since shifted to Rogers' presumed dead/now-returned sidekick Bucky Barnes assuming the red/white/blue togs of his fallen mentor. Surprisingly, it's remained just as involving and engrossing without Rogers in the preeminent role, but this being comics and all, we knew it was just a matter of time until a move back towards the status quo was made. I ended my initial blog post by asking, very rhetorically, when is he coming back? And now we know: July 1st.


Parvez said...

I liked the sound of "Vonnegut-esque metaphysical journey". Should make for an interesting read, regardless.

The Mad Swede said...

Is Brubaker still writing it (as in will he be handling the return)?

I got the big Cap Brubaker HC collecting the first 25 issues of that run (+ some odd specials and what not) and really enjoyed it.
But have been holding out on getting the continuing story thus far in the hope that there'll be a nice companion volume to that oversized HC.