Friday, June 12, 2009

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sarah?

No shocker if you follow this blog, but I'm not a Sarah Palin fan. I've never been a Sarah Palin fan. My first real exposure to her was with her "coming out" speech at the Republican Convention last fall, and it's been downhill since. It's reached a point now where whenever I hear her voice, an unbidden chill runs down my back. Not just from what she's saying, but yeah, from the way she says it. Nonetheless, I have some friends, die hard Republicans, who are (rather bafflingly) equally die hard in their Palin fervor.

Now, in a Republican field that's so devoid of marquee names that they're turning to El Rushbo to dictate policy, I suppose that's understandable, but it seems to me that her brand of hypocritical moralizing is everything the GOP should want to separate itself from in these days of ever-dwindling returns. In her case, it's both the message and the messenger that's toxic. The spectacle that's currently playing out between she and David Letterman exemplifies everything I'm talking about, as she pulls the outrage card beyond all reasonable measure in hopes of getting just a little bit more media face-time to feign indignation over an "offense" that any reasonable person would have brushed to the side one apology ago.

Come on.

I think Robert Elisberg over at Huffington Post bullseyes the Palin Problem far better than I, so just jump over there and give it a read (thanks to me for posting the link).


David said...

"Just imagine if this had happened to a Democrat. Can you even comprehend the mountain of non-stop venom that would have spewed forth against that candidate." - Robert Elisberg.

I can imagine that Robert Elisberg's piece would read 180 degrees differently. Bristol Palin would be an inspirational source of strength for teenage mothers across the country.

Identifying political hackery is all well and good, but the problem with both left and right punditry is the utter failure in recognizing just how many panes of glass make up their own houses full of stones.

J.R. LeMar said...

This Letterman flap is the best thing to happen to Palin since the election. She's been out of the spotlight for months, and now this gives her a national spotlight, and a chance to play the "victim of the big bad liberal media" card, which should be great for fundraising.

Zaki said...

It'll be even better for Letterman, who suddenly has folks tuning in out of curiosity to see if he'll address the Palin thing just as Conan is trying to nail down his own audience. Brilliant.