Friday, June 12, 2009

G.I. Dunno

The bad news keeps coming for the big screen G.I. Joe. Read the rumors here, including the spin-tastic comments from producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, and make up your own mind. For my part, I've heard from enough sources with no dog in the fight that this thing is a stinker, which saddens me to no end. Really, it's been a race to the bottom with every piece of news that's leaked out, starting with the hiring of Stephen Sommers to direct and working outward from there, like ripples in a pond.

The exception for me has been the casting, which I consider mostly solid except for the unfortunate choice of the vacant Channing Tatum for the not-inconsequential role of lead soldier Duke. Still, I have to think that the trainwreck(s) currently unfolding (behind-the-scenes turmoil and toxic word of mouth) have moved this flick into Worst Case Scenario territory for the Paramount execs who greenlit the thing. Right now they must be thanking their lucky stars that they had Star Trek last month and Transformers in a few weeks to shore up the ol' balance sheets.

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Ferph said...

Accelerator suits make me sad.