Thursday, June 04, 2009

David Carradine, RIP

Very sad to hear of the passing of David Carradine, known to one generation as the pacifist martial artist Kwai Chang Caine, who headlined TV's Kung Fu in '70s, and known to another as the titular "Bill" of Tarentino's Kill Bill series. Though Carradine was part of acting royalty that included (but wasn't limited to) father John, brother Keith, and niece Ever, my first exposure to him was in the 1980s with reruns of Kung Fu I used to watch growing up in Saudi Arabia. For me, he continued to embody the spirit and serenity of that character long after it had left the air (and after its '90s successor, The Legend Continues, had run its course), which is why the news of his passing is made doubly sad, and a little confusing, with the knowledge that it was a suicide. I don't know what demons he was battling that led him to this point, but I hope his family is able to make their own peace with his choice.

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Parvez said...

Well said. What I didn't know is that he is half brother to Robert Carradine of Revenge of the Nerds ur....fame(?), who is father to Ever Carradine.

In all honesty, the death/apparent suicide does seem bewildering.