Friday, March 13, 2009

Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?

I have to admit, as a native Chicagoan this should be a pretty big deal, and it kind of is, but I mainly did this post just so I could use that header.


handel said...

Hiya zaki san!

long time no talk! :)
Just happened by and noticed that you don't have anything relating to your boy obama and how the market has gone down some 3000 points since his election. Wow! The price of voting for someone with no experience.
Guy can't even get his own cabinet in order. What? no dems that aren't tax cheats?

It looks as if obama wants to run the country pretty much the same way calif is run..and we all know how cali is doing. The legislature raising taxes during a recession.
REAL 'smert'. Highest taxed state in all the country is also the highest unemployment in all the country. 10 %
Run by..dems.
No doubt your going to say Arnie is a repub and its all his fault. But I think your smarter than that (here's hoping.) Arnold is a squishy 'moderate' who is a puss and a rubber stamp for the legislature. YOU live in calif? Just wondering.

Have a good one zaki. Its only 50 days into the obama long till you have a post up on his incompetence?
Never I"m betting. That will show a little dis honesty on your part i'm afraid. You may have to state that you were wrong if ya did.


Zaki said...

Sorry, not gonna take the bait.

Definitely thanks for stopping by, though. Feel free to hang out as long as you'd like. Just leave the key under the mat on your way out.