Sunday, February 01, 2009

Joe D'oh!

Oh boy.

I'm still holding out hope for the big screen G.I. Joe (now saddled with the unwieldy "Rise of Cobra" tag), I really am. It's just that it gets harder and harder with each new piece of information that creeps out. First it was the series of teaser posters that hit last week -- which aren't terrible, just to be fair -- but then we get these file cards that leaked online that are, charitably, not great, and finally there's the Superbowl teaser, showcasing the first footage we've seen from the film.

When it comes to G.I. Joe, at least for me, the Marvel Comics run from the 1980s by writer Larry Hama is the prototypical document for how to handle this property well, managing the hat-trick of weaving complex character drama with high flying action in a real world setting. Sadly the vibe I get from the movie is less this and more this.

I guess the best thing I can say is that it looks like about what you expect "from the director of The Mummy," in that it's reasonably well-executed, mostly disposable popcorn fare. And maybe that's enough. Or at least it'll have to be.


Fawaz said...

come on Zaki, it's a dumb summer movie. action, action, and chicks in skin tight commando uniforms. it's got one of the wayan brothers in it (granted it's the same one from the aronfsky movie, but he's still the silly one from the "Wayan Brothers" show. you put it perfectly when you said "what you expect "from the director of The Mummy".
I do think it looks bad ass, the trailer only fails when Quaid says "I didn't". I'm sure that is on of the many cheesy lines in this movie.

Zaki said...

I guess I just have a lot of nostalgic attachment to Joe, and I hate seeing its potential squandered on a big dumb summer movie when it could be so much more than the latest volley from the guy whut brung us VAN HELSING.