Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Salvation Run

A lot of people strongly dislike the third Terminator movie from back in '03, though I'm not one of them. Sure, it lacked some of the wonderful symmetry in creator/director James Cameron's two films, and while it arguably overrode the "happy ending" hinted at in the second one in favor of a much darker close, I still feel that T3 stands comfortably with its predecessors, wrapping things up in a satisfying way that anticipates the future events depicted in the previous films. Plus, I figure if it was okay with the man himself, it's okay with me.

I knew better, of course, but I kinda hoped they'd leave well enough alone after that third one. Of course, that was never going to be the case, given the box office power behind the Terminator brand, and now we have two competing visions of Cameron's post-apocalyptic world. There's the Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series currently airing on Fox, which I've never seen, but is either awesome or awful depending on who I talk to, and then there's the upcoming fourth film in the series, due out this summer. Still no Cameron, and this time no Schwarzenegger either, but there is a considerable draw for me in the form of Batman star Christian Bale, suiting up for his second big action franchise.

I have to admit to going through a little bit of cognitive dissonance seeing the new trailer for Terminator Salvation and saying "Hmm, not bad." While I'm impressed with Bale's presence in the film and the implied credibility he offers, it's directed by McG, who, other than the inherent douchebaggery that comes with a using a cutesy nickname as a nom-de-guerre (and just to be clear, I'm sure he's a wonderful guy), is also responsible for the two Charlie's Angels movies, which can charitably be called crimes against humanity.

I'm so confused.


Parvez said...

"charitably be called crimes against humanity"


paul said...

I think Salvation looks pretty bad ass and I'm psyched for it. I think McG gets a bad rap. Even if you hated Charlie's Angels you can't deny that he has style and technical know how.

Personally, I hated We Are Marshall, but feel that as a director he has the chops to make some good films.

Salvation reminds me of a Terminator movie as directed by Jan De Bont before he started sucking.

Zaki said...

I guess the problem I have is that a lot of the stylistic flourishes that McG demonstrated in the ANGELS flicks are things that I find wankish and distracting. I'm willing to give him a shot, but I'll admit that he has a high hill to climb.

Maybe Lexi Alexander would have been a better choice... ;-)

Fawaz said...

Hey Zaki,

check this out

and my new blog, still working it though

J.R. LeMar said...

I thought that TERMINATOR 3 was okay, if unnecessary. It would've been better, strictly for continuity's sake, if they could've gotten Eddie Furlong to reprise his role as John Conner in it. But I have zero interest in seeing any future films.

If anything, they should've just gone for a straight remake/re-imagining of the original film.