Monday, November 10, 2008

A New Direction For America

No, this isn't a story about Barack Obama, though I'm sure we'll have more of those soon enough.

Rather, today saw some big news on the comic book movie front with director Joe Johnston taking the helm of The First Avenger: Captain America. Johnston's presence behind the camera lends considerable genre experience to one of Marvel's flagship properties, and helps fire the first shot in oh-eleven's Avengers double-barrel movie assault.

The signing of Johnston, who I interviewed back in '04 on the release of his film Hidalgo, is about the best news I could've heard regarding Captain America. I've long pointed to the director's criminally underrated 1991 pic The Rocketeer, a retro fable based on the late Dave Stevens' 1930s-era superhero, as the best example of the appropriate style and tone for Marvel's living legend of World War II. Apparently the Marvel higher-ups were of a like mind.

Still no word on who's writing the script or who's playing the lead, but this one sure got a lot more exciting. Until we know more, we can always look at what we most definitely don't want in a Captain America project. Come to think of it, we probably don't want this either.

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