Saturday, October 18, 2008

TREK to the Past

You have to give JJ Abrams and his team credit for the well-choreographed radio silence they've maintained in regards to the upcoming Star Trek remake/reboot/sequel/whatever-the-hell that's due out next May. Up 'till now they've played it pretty close to the chest as far as what to expect from the hoped-for franchise restart.

Well, the dam has burst over the past week, with a veritable shuttle bay full of new pics, including the shot above with Chris Pine, Karl Urban, John Cho, etc. as Captain Kirk and co. Also, here's a nice shot of Heroes' Zachary Quinto as Spock. Jump on over to TrekMovie for more pics, and Entertainment Weekly for their in-depth cover feature.

When you think about it, Abrams had and has a tough task ahead of him. Somehow he had to reinvent the original iteration of Star Trek, taking into account the fact that the forty-plus years since it aired have rendered most of the futuristic technology pretty much antiquated. How do you make the original series fresh and new when even the more-advanced spin-offs (especially The Next Generation) are looking a bit dusty.

The producers of TV's last Trek, the prequel show Enterprise, had to overcome this very hurdle, and the jury's still out on whether they managed it. Looking at the various pics from the Abrams flick, I'm relieved that they're not taking a "baby with the bathwater" approach to Trek. The uniforms are still in the vein of the originals, and even though the bridge and tech has been updated, it still "feels" like the Enterprise.

Once we see some actual footage -- the first full trailer will probably hit sometime next month, with what will hopefully be our first look at the exterior of the Enterprise -- we'll be able to determine whether Abrams has been able to "make it so."

Whoops, wrong generation.

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Mr. Boy said...

You should check out "Smokin' Aces" In it, Chris Pine plays one of the chainsaw-wielding, nazi psychopaths.

Seeing his name in the credits after the movie you're like "holy crap, that was HIM?!?!?!"

Still though, there's something all too "pretty" about this revamp.

I consider myself cautiously optimistic.