Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bits of Bloggy Business

Well, things got a bit hectic there with the winding down of the Spring semester and the drip-drip-drip of grading, grading, grading, but with today's review of Indiana Jones we mark what will (fingers crossed) be the end of a bit of a dry spell around these here parts.

As you can no doubt tell, the long awaited Iron Man review never did materialize, but no worries, as I'm planning to integrate it into my eventual look at The Incredible Hulk in a few short weeks, making for a Marvel Movie-Palooza. If you can't wait 'till then, here's the Reader's Digest version: Awesome. Go see it. Twice.

Also, with the primary campaign lurching inexorably towards its conclusion (though nobody seems to have told Hillary Clinton), I'll hopefully be ramping up my commentary on the election season real soon as well, so keep it here.

Now go read my Indy IV review.


Ian Sokoliwski said...

Not twice.

Five times.

At least.

I'm shooting for seven times, myself.

Zaki said...

I'm up to four, myself.

Parvez said...

Great to have you back. I agree on the Iron Man front.