Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Lonely Man

Here's the release poster for July's The Incredible Hulk, with Edward Norton's denims-and-knapsack evoking parallels with the '70s TV series and tossing any memory of the '03 Ang Lee version down the memory hole.

The promotions for this one have really been almost non-existent for something that's meant to be a big summer blockbuster, especially in comparison with the full-on blitz currently underway for Marvel stablemate Iron Man.

This might end up being the smartest way to go with this. By eschewing the highly-hyped approach of the Lee film, which ended up imploding when the movie underperformed, they're no doubt trying to play it low-key in hopes that word-of-mouth will carry the day.

Of course the big assumption there is that word-of-mouth will be good. With the $150 mil that Marvel has sunk into this thing, they'd better hope so.

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