Sunday, April 13, 2008

Laying the Smackdown

That's how you do it.


Ray Nowosielski said...

I'm loving your blatant pro-Obama stance. I've slowly grown to become quite the supporter myself (He will be the first non-Libertarian I will ever have voted for), and your blog entries have played a major part.

Zaki said...

Thanks for the kind words!

handel said...

Hiya Zaki!

So you've drunk the koolaid on the guy. I git that. A wish for 'change'.

Based off of what? Nothing.
Oh I know you and yours will say "to unify".. But be honest about it. If not to others, then to yourself. How does he intend to 'unify'?
Exactly HOW? He has already said what kind of judges he wants to impose on society.
He has already said that he wants EVERY form of abortion. No compromise on that.
He has already shown that he will be a push over on the terrorism fight.
He has already shown contempt for people outside his 'clique'.
He has already shown by being involved in a black seperatist church (and adopting its views) that he has a low opinion for other races.
The list is endless...
But I return to my question...HOW exactly does he expect to 'unite'?
You would think that with everything that I've listed (tip of the iceberg), that obviously not everyone will be in the 'united' column.

He doesn't want nor expect to 'unite'. Because he can't.
He is just not being honest about it. His hope is that the country will be asleep or...ignorant.

In many cases, his supporters are the latter. But some ARE asleep.
The hope, is that more will wake up as we continue on. And the long drawn out primaries (which show pretty much how the dems will run the country) have shown many of those cracks in the facade of the messiah obama.

Much more time to go. And now that the life mentor Rev wright has been tossed under the bus for political reasons....Things should be getting very interesting.

Allow me to introduce myself...To friend and foe....My name is "Handel".

Although you might know me by another name. >:)

Zaki said...

Okay, I'll I know you?

(Thanks for posting here, by the way...)

handel said...

""Okay, I'll I know you?""

only in passing, pallie.We used to hang at some of the same joints.
Doesn't my avatar ring a bell?
Take care muh friend. Change is a commin. I just hope that 'change's' running mate is Bobby Jindal.


Zaki said...

Brian Bolland?

Y'gotta help me out here...

And, seriously, do you really think McCain will pick Jindal as his veep?


handel said...

well why not? Jindal is amazing. He's cleaning up the mess that is Louisiana. ( and by mess I mean pre katrina..the dems have had it (Louisiana) under their wing for some time now, and the place is a joke of corruption and filth...But this is the dems we're talking about.)
He has actually more experience at the young age of 37 then obama has at 46 (no joke).
He's bright as heck-doodle and he's TOTALLY likable. And his wife isn't a shrew (obama..looking in your direction ).

Jindal...abso-freaky deaky lutley!

Unless by you saying "do you really think mccain will pick jindal.." you are accusing him of being racist. I don't think you are, cuz i think your brighter than that..But IF you are, Mccain is anything but.
Hispanics like him. He has a connection with minorities. He has even adopted 'non white' children.

I know that the obama people will probably try and run the 'racist' card..But at this point, anyone from THAT Campaign calling ANYONE 'racist' is well.......laughable.
embarrassingly so.

And no..I'm not brian bolland.
He draws better than I do. Although My smile is warm and sunshiney and my butt is firm and curvaceous.

See ya round zaki san, muh brutha.

Zaki said...

No, I don't think McCain is racist.

I think he's ignorant, arrogant, short-sighted, and a war-monger, but not a racist.

As far as Jindal, while I think he's a promising choice in the future, I think he's vulnerable to every criticism that team McCain is going to launch at Obama, and thus would be a potential liability.

Someone like McCain who, let's face it, isn't exactly a spring chicken, and who's chiding Obama for being too young and too inexperienced, can't well pick a veep who could conceivably have to step into his shoes and is also too young and too inexperienced. I see a McCain/Romney ticket before I see that.

My pick would be Charlie Crist (unless there's traction to all those gay rumors), but we'll see...

Still drawing a blank, but I appreciate you coming around here. Don't just confine yourself to this post, though...there's plenty of movie and comic news to comment on.

handel said...

I think he's ignorant, arrogant, short-sighted, and a war-monger, but not a racist.""

thats funny. I think that the dems are the same exact things you listed. Yup..even warmongers. Because while they preach the whole "peace" thing..they really dont believe in it. Unless its sideling up to a dictator or killer. Then and only then is it ok to have a little sitdown and cuddle session. All the while forgetting (willingly) about people that are thrown in the shredders and daughters that are raped in front of their families..And of course children that are beheaded.
While they (dems) spend time worshipping at the alter of their new religion of global warming. Cuz real evil is just too much of a hassle to deal with.


I disagree with your dealie on jindal. The repubs arent saying obama is too young..they ARE saying hes too inecperienced. No achievments. (other than writing a book that was heavily influenced by his life mentor : the great rev wright!! HALLALUIA!!)
The same is not to be said OF jindal. There IS accomplishments. LOTS. Go back and check zaki mah man! They are real..and they are there.
Not fabricated like obamas.

Let me know if you have trouble finding them. I dont think you will. because they are very very apparent.

see ya muh brutha.

Zaki said...

I don't disagree about the democrats also being war-mongers. We wouldn't be in the mess we're in right now if it wasn't for the complacent, complicit democrats. There's plenty of blame to go around in this little dance. That being said, the shocking ignorance that John McCain has displayed and continues to display about the global conflicts in which we're currently entrenched shows he's indentured more to the interests of the military industrialists and the neocons than he's interested in honestly and fairly representing the American people.

As far as Jindal, I don't have any qualms with the guy (well, he IS a Republican, but I don't hold that against the guy), and I'm not arguing that he wouldn't be a fine VP for McCain (though, after Cheney, the VP bar has been set to practically ankle-level). What I am arguing is that McCain won't pick him. If I turn out to be wrong, I'll not only admit it, I'll do a whole blog entry admitting it.

I'm enjoying this back-and-forth we're having, as I like to hear points from across the spectrum. Hopefully we can continue the discussion now that the election is headed into the general. That said, I'd really like to know who I'm talking to, as I feel a bit disadvantaged.