Friday, March 21, 2008

Showing is Half the Battle

Once last summer's Transformers flick became a blockbuster success, a big budget update of fellow Hasbro stablemate G.I. Joe was all but inevitable, and went quickly from green light to casting to currently filming, for a Summer '09 release.

Now, far more than Transformers, I have a pretty abiding affection for the Joe "Real American Hero" line from the '80s, having watched the cartoon regularly and followed the Marvel comic for the entirety of its decade-plus run. Thus, I was a little trepidatious from the initial news that Stephen Sommers (he of the first two Mummy flicks and the awful, awful Van Helsing) had been hired to direct.

Then a steady stream of solid casting news began to break, and I started hearing good things about the script, then I heard that Larry Hama, writer of the Marvel books and originator of the "Joe vs. COBRA" line, was on board and giving the project his blessing, all of which helped assuage some of my fears. Now, courtesy of USA Today, comes our first look at Ray Park as the lodestone of the entire Joe mythology, Snake Eyes. All I can say is "Yo Joe!"

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