Sunday, February 10, 2008

Roy Scheider, RIP

Over the past four decades or so, Roy Scheider, with his chiseled jaw and distinctive profile, had remained one of the most enduring and recognizable faces in cinema. While he'd appeared in a veritable catalog of some of the most influential movies of all time, including, but not limited to, The French Connection and Marathon Man, his definitive role was surely that of hydrophobic police chief Martin Brody in Steven Spielberg's Jaws, one of my all-time favorite movies, as well as its first sequel, not one of my all-time favorite movies. Scheider remained prolific into the 1990s, starring in the Spielberg-produced TV series SeaQuest DSV from '93 to '95. I guess he'd been sick for a while, but news of his passing earlier today at the age of 75 was nevertheless a big shock to me. Although he had mostly been out of the public eye in the years following SeaQuest's cancellation, save for a brief appearance in 2004's The Punisher, his earlier work had long since cemented his place as an icon of movie history.

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