Saturday, January 26, 2008

Their Own Worst Enemies

I've long felt, and I've said as much several times on this very blog, that Hilary Clinton getting the Democratic nod is equivalent to just handing the Republicans another (at least) four years in the big chair. While the GOP hasn't managed to find even one candidate to excite their base, nothing is likely to get the lunatic fringe on the right fired up quite like the spectre of another Clinton presidency.

One top of that, the Clintons sure haven't been doing themselves any favors with their own base, at least in my eyes, with their ever-escalating war of words with the Obama camp, utilizing, in the words of one former Clinton booster, "Rovian tactics" to snag a win even if it's in the worst way possible. It's still anybody's ballgame of course, but this LA Times op-ed echoes my concerns that the Clinton campaign might be doing far more damage to themselves and the party's standing than they realize.

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