Thursday, October 18, 2007

UPDATED - Phoning It In

You can practically set your watch to it. Another week rolls around, and with remarkable predictability, the Democrats in Congress talk a big fight and then scamper away like scared rabbits. This week the talk has been the battle with BushCo to restore some semblance of privacy and accountability to Americans by way of the RESTORE act, which aims to roll back some of the spying powers Congress simply handed over to Team Bush this past summer (because he said please, I guess).

One of the biggest sticking points coming from the Figurehead was his frankly ridiculous demand that any bill he received contain immunity for any telecommunication companies that might have allegedly done anything illegal (not that they did), such as, say, handing over their private caller records to the government without a warrant or just cause (not that they did). In other words, Bush wanted retroactive immunity for any potential crimes that might have been committed, all the while maintaining that they did nothing illegal.

Seems this was an easy fight for the Dems to put up, right? Not so, says Glenn Greenwald, as he lays out how the so-called opposition has sold us out yet again.

UPDATE: Looks like there's at least one lion among the lambs, with Senator Chris Dodd placing a "hold" on any FISA legislation that includes amnesty for the telecom companies. Good for him, and make sure you fill out Dodd's petition here.

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