Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Letters From Limbaugh's Legions

In case you didn't think Rush Limbaugh's standing could sink any lower following last fall's shameful attack on Michael J. Fox, last week saw the Right Wing blowhard dismiss military servicemen or veterans who stand in opposition to Bush's war as "phony soldiers." Once his comments hit the mainstream, what followed in lieu of an apology was instead a display verbal gymnastics worthy of any Olympic athlete as he hemmed and hawed and tried to make out like the poor victim of a vast conspiracy who dared to, you know, quote his exact words in context.

Anyway, following Limbaugh's comments, the group, founded by some of those very same "phony soldiers," took him justifiably to task. In retaliation for daring to criticize Limbaugh and The War (presumably in that order), here are some of the letters VoteVets received from the brave, noble Americans who Limbaugh numbers among his faithful fanbase. He must be very proud.

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