Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Conceding Conscience

From the New York Times:

Democratic Concessions Are Expected on Wiretapping

Here, yet again, is your Democratic opposition at work.

Since the Dems took the reins of congressional power in last year's midterms, powered largely on the promise of a much-needed change of direction both internationally and domestically, the story of this Democratic majority has been disappointment after disappointment as they accede to the administration's wishes on issue after issue after pressing issue. It'd be one thing if they actually went to the mat and got taken down, but more often than not they either don't even try.

Such is the case with the recent update to the FISA law, which would give the government expanded legal powers to wiretap and eavesdrop on citizens. Before the summer recess, congress largely folded once again for fear of being labeled soft on terror and gave the administration everything they wanted (and then some). Still, despite all this, they promised -- promised! -- that once they returned from break they'd fight to have the newly-minted law repealed and restored to its previous restrictions. Well, based on today's news we can already see how well that's working out.

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