Friday, September 28, 2007

Nostalgia Theater: Star Trek Edition

For many folks in the US, it was twenty years ago on this very day that a different kind of U.S.S. Enterprise took to the syndicated airwaves. That's right, we're twenty years on from the television premiere of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I may have celebrated a birthday earlier this week, but this is what really makes me feel old:

I lived in Saudi Arabia at the time the show premiered, so it was awhile before I saw it, and even longer before I warmed up to it. Granted, I was all of seven years old, but even I knew that a starship captain isn't supposed to be bald, much less British. And Klingons are the bad guys, so what was one doing on the bridge of the Enterprise? This thing couldn't possibly last.

Boy, was I off. It may have taken a few seasons for Next Gen to find its space legs, by the time it left the airwaves in 1994, it had become one of the most successful television series of all time, in the process creating a new age of Trek fandom that lasted through four feature films, two spin-offs and one prequel series. That's quite a legacy for Old Baldy and company.

Make it so, indeed.

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