Friday, July 20, 2007

Whence Impeachment?

Okay, time for a political rant.

It's just one thing after another for the junta these days -- as evidenced by their latest attempt to subvert democracy. It's reached a point now where there are basically two things happening in the White House at any given point: Either the Figurehead is insanely defending his disastrous Iraq policy against all facts and evidence to the contrary, or his team of cronies is actively taking a whiz on the concept of constitutional accountability.

Speaker Pelosi famously (infamously?) took impeachment off the table when she assumed her new role, and I have to ask, what was she thinking? What has this administration done that could remotely justify the one means of actually, maybe, giving us some oversight being removed from consideration? Am I missing something here?

You know something is seriously awry when Senator Russ Feingold, who has consistently been on the right (as opposed to Right) side of this war, won't even consider impeachment. This is something that is constitutionally mandated so as to prevent the exact abuses of power that are happening right now, yet the so-called opposition party would rather act in the interests of their own political expediency.

When will enough finally be enough for this spayed-and-neutered Democratic congress before they actually start, you know, doing something to protect the interests of the people who put them there?

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