Tuesday, May 15, 2007

SPIDER-MAN 3 - Open Thread

Well, I've been trying to set down for over a week now and get some thoughts together regarding Spider-Man 3, and with every day that goes by it's looking less and less certain that it'll happen, so thought I'd do something a little different with this one and open it up for discussion.

My thoughts in a nutshell: Too many villains, too long, and far, far too much Kirsten Dunst. Thomas Hayden Church turned in a great performance as the conflicted Sandman, and I would've loved to see more of him. Venom (never referred to by that name) shouldn't even have been in the movie for the short shrift they gave him. And what the heck was Gwen Stacy doing in this thing? Overall, just a tired, weak ending to what had been an exemplary series up to this point.

But hey, enough from me, what did everyone think? Leave comments below and I'll expand on my thoughts as well.

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