Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bill Moyers Returns

Bill Moyers has always been an especially welcome journalistic presence, bringing more nuance and subtlety to complex discussions than we're perhaps used to in the rapid-fire talking head world that unfortunately so characterizes television news today. Moyers recently made a welcome return to the public airwaves after a brief sabbatical, and started out the gate with a doozy of an investigative piece -- an hour-plus documentary entitled "Buying the War," which casts its gaze squarely at the complacent and complicit media that allowed the Bush Junta to roll-out its pie-in-the-sky war plans in '01, '02, and '03, with barely a question mark raised in dissent.

Naturally this doco has caused much consternation from those who accuse Moyers of finger-pointing (i.e. Bill O'Reilly and Fox News), and while I certainly believe it's agenda-driven (as any documentary would be), I don't think one can accuse Moyers of being partisan, as it's more a mentality he's taking aim at, one that exists irrespective of affiliation or leaning. This is some real riveting stuff, and I've been meaning to post this for more than a week now, but as is often the case, life tends to get in the way. Regardless, you can view the documentary in its entirety at the PBS website here. It's truly not to be missed.

While we're on the subject of Bill Moyers, also worthy of a look is this installment of his weekly Journals show, featuring his in-depth sit-down with Daily Show host Jon Stewart. One need only watch Stewart's nightly faux-newscast to know that he's obviously an intelligent guy with a sparkling wit, but it's nice to see him get the chance to be intelligent and witty in a non-comedic setting. Not only does Jon offer some insights into the process that goes into the nightly creation of his show, but he also comments on his recent interview with John McCain that saw the Republican senator have to answer some far tougher questions than he's faced on "real" news shows. Again, not to be missed.

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