Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Contemplating Keith

These days, MSNBC's Countdown, hosted by Keith Olbermann, is pretty much the only news program I watch with anything resembling regularity. Given Olbermann's well-known political bent, as well as the anti-establishment slant the program usually takes, I sometimes wonder if I'm basically filtering out opposing sides and hearing the news I "want to hear," something I accuse the people who rely solely on Fox News of doing. I don't really have a solid answer to that, but there's no question that Olbermann's mannered, eloquent justified outrage at the current status quo makes for a far cry from the usual shock-and-awe brand of punditry that passes for journalism over at the home of the Fair & Balanced. On the subject of Olbermann himself, New York magazine has an in-depth feature on the man that's unflinching but ultimately complimentary. Check it out here.

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