Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Overlooked Oversight

One of the main reasons the founding fathers instituted the whole "separation of powers" thing was to make sure that no one branch of government excercised greater power over another. To make sure there was always oversight. That oversight is generally the purview of the legislative branch (congress), and is usually maintained over the judicial branch (the president). When that oversight is neglected, the inmates pretty much take over the asylum, which we've seen for the past six years in the White House. As the past few weeks have shown, with everything from the Walter Reed VA scandal to the ongoing fracas over Alberto Gonzales trying to decide whether he serves President Bush or the American people, the results of that lack of oversight are now bearing some poisoned fruit for the junta. Ronald Brownstein of the LA Times lays the blame for much of the Administration's -- and the country's -- woes squarely on the porch of the congressional Republicans, who signed off on Bush's blank check.

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