Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Recommended Viewing

After a week's sabbatical, Jon Stewart and THE DAILY SHOW are back with a vengeance. During last night's return, all it took was one segment for Stewart and Co. to absolutely lambast the newsmedia for its disaster-happy coverage of the rain-soaked East Coast. Without skipping a beat, they immediately followed that up with some well-placed japes directed at last week's satellite "conversation" between Bush and some "randomly selected" soldiers in Iraq, not to mention the ensuing media fallout (you'll recall I discussed Keith Olbermann's coverage of all this here).

Also of note, last night saw the premiere of the Stephen Colbert's DAILY SHOW spin-off, THE COLBERT REPORT. Being one of those not blessed with Comedy Central, I didn't see the show in its entirety and thus can't say how Colbert's schtick plays once it's been freed from the confines of the occasional DAILY segment and unleashed on a series all his own. However, this clip, with the newly-minted host livin' the life of (O') Reilly, is amusing enough, and seems to signal the general direction in which the series is headed.

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Parvez said...

As sad as it is to say I didn't care for the Colbert spinoff. Other than the obvious jab at O'Reilly and his bloviating it lacks the tight and crisp writing of The Daily Show. While there is the caveat that there have only been two shows having aired thus far - it seems doubtful that the Colbert Report will match the genius of its progenitor.